3D printing a Titanium part created by Artificial Intelligence
By Josefine Lissner
Published May 19, 2022

Trevor Goforth from Titans of CNC shows off the rocket engine injector head that I designed on Hyperganic Core. This must be the most entertaining and dynamic way anyone has ever talked about my work. Lots of great insights on how it was created, nicely explained and visualized.

The injector head consists of a number of coaxial swirl injectors and it is one of the crucial components of my Aerospike rocket engine design. The entire injector head self-adjusts to the requirements of the Aerospike (or any other rocket engine design, for that matter). One interesting twists is that the fuel/oxidizer mixing ratio of each element is different, based on its distance from the chamber wall. This allows me to burn the fuel optimally near the centre of the chambers, and sub-optimally near the chamber walls to keep the walls from overheating. Hundreds of different injector elements would be a nightmare to design and integrate if you needed to draw them manually. In our paradigm where we use algorithms and software — it is merely a distribution function that drives the individual swirlers and can be easily adjusted. Mass-customizations meets rocket science!

I’ll let you enjoy Trevor’s excitement about Titanium Powder below!