Current Ventures

Josefine started LEAP 71 after leaving her previous role as Strategic Engineering Lead for Hyperganic in 2023.

LEAP 71 focuses on the creation of highly complex machines in a world of Computational Engineering and Digital Integrated Manufacturing.

Using computer code instead of manually driven computer aided design, physical objects can be created that are orders of magnitude more complex and sophisticated than the status quo.

The resulting designs can be produced autonomously in factories that have digital processes at their heart.

Lin conceived the idea for Hyperganic after leaving Adobe in 2014.

After buying a 3D Printer for work on his underwater robotics startup, UBOT, Lin got fascinated about the prospect for industrial Additive Manufacturing to transform how we engineer and build objects in the 21st century.

Lin joined forces with his IRIDAS co-founder Michael in 2017 to build the first geometry platform using algorithms and AI to generate parts for industrial 3D printing.

Hyperganic currently has offices in Singapore, Germany, China, the US, and the UAE. As of October 2022, Lin is no longer involved with Hyperganic.

Past Ventures

Lin started IRIDAS in the year 2000, together with his co-founder Michael Gallo. IRIDAS pioneered high-resolution digital playback and image processing systems for the emerging digital movie industry in Hollywood. The first digital cinema system in the world, for the postproduction of The Matrix movies, was built on IRIDAS technology in 2002. IRIDAS was the first company to use the just-released GPU systems from NVIDIA for real time image processing. IRIDAS technology was used in virtually any movie production in the last decades. The company was acquired by Adobe in 2011, where Lin joined as Director of Engineering, leading a global team of 140 people, in San Jose, Seattle, Beijing, Hamburg, and New Delhi.

Lin joined ARADEX, a startup in the field of industrial control systems in the early 1990s, and helped build the company’s technology in the field of PC-based CNC and SPS systems.

ARADEX was the first company to use off-the-shelf PC technology to drive large industrial machines. Some of the most complex productions systems, such as the printing machines for the Euro banknotes or high speed milling systems, were driven by ARADEX technology. After decades of driving innovation as a German Mittelstand company, ARADEX was acquired by Chinese industrial giant WEICHAI group in 2019.