Talking at AM Live about the Aerospike design
By Josefine Lissner
Published June 1, 2022

Alex Kingsbury and Adam Penna invited me to speak at their AM Live podcast this week, to talk about the Aerospike design, I created over the past months, and that we just showed live in Detroit and Long Beach. It’s fun talking about one’s work when the hosts are just as excited! Like I say in the interview, I literally write computer code, press the execute button, and then these intricate structures and functionalities come alive on screen. Although I had seen these Aerospike variations too many times on screen — seeing them in person, printed from metal and in full scale was surprisingly still a completely mind-blowing experience for me.

It was an amazing experience seeing these printed objects in person at the RAPID/TCT show in Detroit and then the large copper engine at the SpaceTech Expo in Long Beach.

Watch the podcast here: