Design for AM interview about Algorithmic Engineering
By Josefine Lissner
Published October 7, 2022

Duann Scott of Bits and Atoms and I met at the EOS booth during RAPID+tct in Detroit, where I also saw my 3D-printed rocket for the first time. I did my best to answer his questions, but had the feeling he was not yet completely satisfied. So, I wasn’t surprised when he sent me a long list of questions for his publication Design for Additive Manufacturing. His note to me also read:

“When I first spotted the Aerospike Rocket Engine showcased by Hyperganic and EOS I was really curious about how they came about the geometry in the design, as although I have seen a number of algorithmically driven designs including rocket engine components, I had never seen any thing that looked quite so, alien.”

At RAPD+tct in Detroit

The interview is probably one of the more detailed explanations that I gave so far. I talk about the design approach, how it is different from traditional CAD and even state-of-art Generative tools, how the software is structured, and what impact this method has on how an engineer works and thinks about his/her creations.

Check it out here.