On the future of space — Podcast with Daniel Fox
By Josefine Lissner
Published April 5, 2023

Daniel Fox is an explorer in the most literal sense. He has conquered the most remote areas of our planet, but is also exploring the impact of new technologies on frontiers like space. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting down with him to talk about my new venture, LEAP 71.

We discussed the impact and transformation that Computational Engineering is ushering in. And, of course, my design for the Aerospike engine, that we showed last year.

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When asked about the human story of going to space, I believe that it will be ultimately the catalyst for saving Earthly challenges, such as Climate Change. Space travel requires us to develop all these technologies for sustaining us without impacting our environment.

Computational Engineering will play a big role in all this, and will shift the role of an engineer as a manual laborer to a creator. From this elevated position, human imagination and capability are augmented by powerful computational tools. Interestingly, in this paradigm, an engineer will work not unlike artists, who create, by using their tools to creatively explore in a rather playful manner.

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